Why Venom’s failure is a good thing

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The Venom embargo was lifted late Monday night and the reviews are in. Both critics and fans were disappointed with the final product. They compared it to films such as 2004’s Catwoman because of its choppy dialogue and uneven tone. But can this be blessing in disguise?
Sony’s recent track with Spider-Man films haven’t been great since they rebooted the character back in 2012 with The Amazing Spider-Man. The movie made decent money at the box office and garnered positive reviews from critics and fans alike praising Andrew Garfield’s role as the titular character. Due to this success, Sony announced that starting with Venom, there would be spin-off films centered around Spidey’s greatest foes. Movies about The Sinister Six and Black Cat/Silver Sable were leading the charge. But after the release of the disappointing Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014, Sony had to rethink this strategy and scrapped any future Amazing Spider-Man sequels and spin-offs. Cut to a few years later when Marvel announced that they and Sony have struck a deal to haveSpider-Man - Venom Spider-Man rebooted and have him join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Captain America: Civil War. But Sony had other plans. They only gave Marvel partial rights to the character. They planned on making their own animated Spider-Man movie featuring Miles Morales as the main Spider-man instead of Peter Parker. This film is known as Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and looks promising. In addition to this, they wanted to make their Venom movie separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which meant that Spider-Man will not appear in the movie. This was strike one for Venom. Early on in the movies production, it was announced that the movie will be a rated-R horror movie that would’ve featured Venom’s darker side. But that did not follow through and disappointed fans once again. This was a second strike. Venom had it’s premiere in late September 2018 and was bashed by critics. This was the final nail in the coffin for our favorite symbiote. But why is this a good thing?

There are several reasons on why Venom’s failure is a blessing in disguise. 1. It can lead to Marvel having the rights to every Spider-Man related character. 2. Sony will realize that all of spin-offs they want to make are a waste of time and resources and will give up on their silly dreams of creating an MCU esque franchise with their characters. I still haven’t seen the movie but I am interested to see the end result. Will it be good ? Probably not. But will I enjoy it? Most likely. Hopefully this will lead to one Marvel Universe with every character from the comics interacting with each other.





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