Why is the DC extended universe failing ?


Why are the DC Extended Universe movies considered bad or failures when compared to their competition over at Marvel? Some might say it is due to weak storytelling, weak CGI (computer-generated imagery) , lazy dialogue, or a combination of several different issues. A great deal of fans point the blame at Zack Snyder for not trying hard enough. But for the most part, there are countless problems both in front and behind the camera that are hurting these films. Suicide Squad and Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, where both panned by critics and fans alike criticizing its plot and rush in production to compete with Marvel. I personally enjoyed both movies. I thought they were entertaining but not as fun and exciting as a Marvel movie. I personally feel like Warner Brothers are trying so hard for their DC movies to perform just as good as Marvel movies at the box office and are attempting to push out a connected universe to bring in more fans. It isn’t difficult to produce a good DC movie, it has been done before with the Dark Knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan and last years Wonder Woman. So it’s not that they can’t do it, it’s that they’re doing it for the wrong reasons in my opinion.

After the release of Wonder Woman, DC announced that they are not going to do the whole connected universe plot that transcends over several films like Marvel and will focus on solo character driven stories with a few Easter eggs and cameos to please the fans. This is the best thing they can do right now as they fix the whole universe.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe works because each new installment in the franchise is different from the last in tone and genre. Captain America: The Winter Solider is considered to be a spy/thriller film, while Thor Ragnarok and Ant-Man are considered comedies. They take place in the same universe, but are both different in tone and genre This is where Marvel exceeds DC because for the most part, every movie in the DCEU looks and feels the exact same. Dark and Depressing. All four movies have the same drab color pallet and depressing mood. To counter this, Warner Brothers attempted to break their mold, and hired a new director to finish Zack Snyders work on Justice League after he had to leave due to personal reasons.

This new director was Joss Whedon, director of Marvel’s The Avengers and its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron.
WB thought that Whedon would bring a light hearted tone that was desperately needed in their franchise. Whedon made the movie more light hearted, but in doing so created an unbalanced tone throughout the whole movie. At one point it was dark and serious and it jumps to a colorful comedic scene with not buffer in between and it confused fans because it felt like a Zack Snyder movie, but felt like a Joss Whedon movie at the same time are caused a clash of tones that did not flow well. The final product left fans dissapointed and upset with where the franchise is headed.
Upcoming films like Shazam and Aquaman look promising and have high expectations from fans but only time will tell if the DC Extended Universe has changed for the better.







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